Re-opening of Manila Bay went wild after many Manilenyos visited - GazeFeed

 Re-opening of Manila Bay went wild after many Manilenyos visited - GazeFeed

The reopening of Manila Bay was overwhelmed due to overcrowded Manilenyos visiting the bay. The unexpected amount of people who visited the place caused a violation of the IATF amidst a pandemic. 

Cimatu said Manila Baywalk Coordinating Office deputy executive director Jacob Meimban will be replaced by retired general Reuel Sorilla.

He said the primary task of Sorilla is to supervise crowd control at Dolomite Beach and ensure the observance of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) health protocols.

Cimatu said the DENR is investigating the incident at the beach on October 24, when 121,000 visitors gathered in the area, resulting in the violation of health protocols, particularly on social distancing.

Photo by Ali Musheb

“Ang aking nakita is the enforcement. We have plans, we anticipated it, but napasobra pa din. That’s the reason why I am putting somebody else to head the enforcement for the action to be corrected,” Cimatu said.

The responsible individuals to secure the safety of its visitors said that they assumed and already set the number of people expected to visit the place. But what happened was really unexpected. They admit that the numbers they set is very far from the number of people who attended the place at that time. 

The safety of these people amidst pandemics is still secured as long as the QR code system helps to identify those people who attended just in case there are positive to the disease. 

Rest is assured, the situation is under control. 

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