Gerald Anderson flexes Julian Barreto by calling her "my queen" amid criticism about their relationship - GazeFeed

 Gerald Anderson flexes Julian Barreto by calling her "my queen" amid criticism about their relationship - GazeFeed

This couple seems to be unstoppable after the bashers and criticism they got from the netizens, they don't need to explain anything after all. But instead, Gerald Anderson flexes Julia Barreto and called her as "my queen" in his recent IG post. 


The news broke on July 21, 2019 that Gerald and his girlfriend Bea separated after Bea posted on Instagram "enough" with an all-black photo.

That coincided with Bea's catchy liking in the IG post of a netizen who shared a photo of Julia and Gerald taken at Rayver's birthday party.

July 23, 2019 when information came out on from a source in Cabinet Files that Gerald allegedly admitted that he was flirting with Julia, when Gerald talked to the girl's father Dennis Padilla.

Gerald also clarified then, during their conversation on Dennis' phone, that he and Bea were separated.

But in a TV interview with ABS-CBN on July 27, 2019, Bea calmed down and said that the actor suddenly left her on the air without a formal breakup.

More than a week later, on August 5, 2019, Gerald appeared in an interview with TV Patrol to clarify that he did not cheat on Bea and that Julia had nothing to do with their breakup.

According to Gerald, he and Bea fought repeatedly until they had "one big fight" which caused the actor to distance himself.

The next day, August 6, 2019, Julia released an official statement on her Instagram to clarify that she was not the reason Bea and Gerald divorced.

Julia also accused Bea of ​​"bullying" because of Bea's alleged involvement with her in connection with Bea's intriguing liking of "harmless photos" of Julia and Gerald.

Despite Gerald and Julia's refusal, in the months that followed, speculation spread that the two were getting along well.

Here are the screenshots of the post of Gerald to his IG account. 

Gerald Anderson: "My *queen-emoji* ♥"

Julia also responded with emojis too. 

The couple seems to be happy after all the bashers and bad comments they received just because of their relationship. However, there are some fans of Bea Alonzo and Joshua Garcia who still push their side and try to put some facts that the relationship of Julia and Gerald is really a mistake and should not be tolerated. 

Both parties have no comments and response yet the netizens and I personally think they are happy together and we should respect it. Not because we tolerate it but it's their life decision and we have nothing to do about it. RESPECT is what we can do this situation peeps! :) 

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