Moira's "Paubaya" Official Music Video hit 3 million views! - GazeFeed

Moira's "Paubaya" Official Music Video hit 3 million views! - GazeFeed

Starring the former 'real-life-couples' Julia Barreto and Joshua Garcia, successfully made the audience cry by their touching scenes in Paubaya - Official Music Video. 

The music video of Moira immediately viral after the premiered scene of Joshua and Julia's part when they heartedly talk to each other. 

Julia - Sorry Josh. Sorry kung napagod ako. Sorry kung nawala ako... I am sorry kung nawala ako... Natatakot ako kasi... hindi kita mahanap noon. Binigay ko lahat, binigay ko sa'yo lahat... naubos lang ako... I'm sorry, nasaktan kita. 

Joshua - Sorry. Sorry kung... wala ako nung mga panahong kailangan mo'ko. Sorry kung ... wala ako nung kailangan mo ng makakapitan. Sorry kung hindi kita naprotektahan.... Hindi man lang kita naprotektahan. Natakot ako, sobra. Pero gusto ko non, nandun ako nung nasasaktan ka. Pero wala, siguro alam ko na rin na. Na hindi talaga tayo para sa isa't-isa. 

Julia - Sinubukan naman natin 'di ba? Nilaban naman natin 'di ba? 

Joshua - Yeah, we tried... gusto ko man mag-thank you sa'yo. Sa lahat ng, memories. Na binigay mo sa akin. 

And these following lines from Joshua made the madlang people cry so much... 

"Hindi man natin nagawa yung... yung mga pangarap natin....  Masaya na ako sa mga pinagsamahan natin.... MASAYA AKO NA MASAYA KA." 

Then Julia answered: 

"Gusto ko masaya ka rin." 

The idea was that they tried their hard to make things work-out but even how much they try, still, it doesn't work. 

Joshua - Gusto ko lang malaman mo na... pinapatawad kita. 

Julia - Pinapatawad din kita. 

This is so sad when you know that both parties tried their best to make things work but still, destiny itself made up the decision, and the purpose which why they met is really to teach each other a lesson. 

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