Dogie to Chix, "Wala akong pake sa 8 years!" - GazeFeed

 Dogie to Chix, "Wala akong pake sa 8 years!" - GazeFeed

The couple influencer went viral after they officially announced to the public that they broke-up and whatever the reason is, they will keep it. 

The revelation went viral and the netizens really thought that they are a perfect couple and some of the people questioned the broke-up of the couple since they are already 8 years being in a relationship. 

Regards with that viral break-up announcement, months later, Dogie already have someone in his life and announced to the audience. Dogie immediately changed her life status on Facebook from Single to In Relationship, and the life-event also received a lot of comments from the people. 

In the recent vlog of Chix, she officially announced to her audience what really happened why they broke up. She revealed everything and told the audience the truth about it.

"Ayoko sanang magsalita pero ang dami ng mga maling kwento e...." 

Because according to Chix, Dogie is the one who triggered her to say something about it and it's hurting her a lot. 

Chix said, "ang sakit marinig ng mga ganong mga salita...." 

On the other hand, this story is related to Dogie's live stream after he said to his fans that, "wala akong pake sa 8 years." After the fans of Chix taunts Dogie's channel in the comment section of his live stream asking him, "why is it just easy for you to let go the person who's been with you for 8 years?"

In your own opinion, what do you think of Dogie's action? Is it normal? Please comment down below. 

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