Youtube Channel of 'ABS-CBN News' seems to be terminated - GazeFeed

Youtube Channel of 'ABS-CBN News' seems to be terminated - GazeFeed

TODAY, November 03, 2020 - Philippines: The Youtube Channel of 'ABS-CBN News' seems to have a violation of the community standards of Youtube. 

It was first reported by GMA News, that the channel of ABS-CBN has been allegedly terminated. According to the article, it all started this Tuesday and videos are now inaccessible to the public.

ABS-CBN is now working on submitting an appeal and fixing the issues that they might commit to Youtube's community standards. 

"We are aware of the problem of accessing ABS-CBN News channels on YouTube. We are currently investigating this and working closely with YouTube to resolve the problem," the released statement of the network. 

As of today, you can search on your own, 1:39PM - the channel of the network still inaccessible. And if we try to click one of the videos being suggested, it says: "no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think they can regain their access to their own channel? Comment down below!

Source: GMA News | Facebook

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