Super Tekla answered all the allegations towards him - GazeFeed

 Super Tekla answered all the allegations towards him - GazeFeed

Super Tekla on Wednesday responded to the accusations leveled against him by his live-in partner Michelle Lhor Bana-ag.

On Tuesday, Michelle complained to the YouTube program "Raffy Tulfo in Action" in which she accused the comedian of abuse.

According to Michelle, Tekla forces her to have sex even on days when she is sick.

And when he refused, he and his son were not given money to buy food.

Michelle also said that Tekla commits obscene acts even in front of her relatives, including children, who live with them.

He added that Tekla even forced him to use contraceptive injection.

"Because he can't control himself. He wants to move me. For safety, he injected me. ”Said Michelle

Responding to the allegations, Tekla became emotional and said it was a sensitive issue that should only be discussed within the family.

"You are throwing me an issue that is forcing you to do such a thing - let's talk about Michelle, that's about family. That is a very sensitive issue Michelle, ”said Tekla.

“I wish you were thinking. You think about what will be affected. ”

Tekla denied the wrongdoings that Michelle mentioned, saying she could not do those things because she had relatives.

"That's not true, I'm still in the right frame of mind, I can't do that Michelle. Thankfully I have a daughter Michelle, Aira, I have sisters ... We are just poor Michelle, on the farm. You know the background of my family, ”said Tekla.

Here is another statement by Tekla

"It's part of our marriage, Michelle, that you are denying me. You make me a fool and laugh at that, ’that’s the truth, but I adjust because you are the mother of my child.”

"I'm not starving you, you know that. You know that Shabi, you know that Enrico, I even provided GCash for all of you so that it will not come out anytime because of a pandemic, ”said Tekla.

"She's not going to the hospital," Tekla said referring to Michelle. "Me, I once asked for help to save that child there because you did not take care of that in your womb. You know that story, Michelle."

"It has not yet sunk into my brain that it will do that to me. First of all, I have no idea, they all planned ... if you watch the video, I have no knowledge,"

"Michelle, that's your right, that's your right, just now. You blocked me on Facebook, I have no idea we were confused. You want to break up with me. on your own. You know that, Michelle. Six years. Six years, I took care of you six times. Six years, all wasted. "

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