Sarah Wurtzbach to Pia: "Mag-sorry ka!" - GazeFeed


Sarah Wurtzbach to Pia: "Mag-sorry ka!" - GazeFeed

New chika is brought to you by GazeFeed, viral Sarah Wurtzbach IG stories where Sarah says something about Pia. 

Here are the following IG stories that we got by our team: 

The netizens also gave their comments about this issue. Most people's feedback that we should understand the fact that there's really no perfect family. Even if you're popular, or simpler than the other, still there are things that our family may not understood each others attitude. 

For now, all we can say is to wait for Pia to give her side about this matter. May their family get through this certain issues they have now. 

For you, what are you thoughts about this? Comment down below! 

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