Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch filed a case to Dr. Adam Smith - GazeFeed

Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch filed a case to Dr. Adam Smith - GazeFeed

Doc Adam Smith or more popularly known as 'Doc Adam' on YouTube was sued by Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch for defamation after the YouTuber/Doctor corrected her medical advice and debunked her claims on her products in a video titled 'The Worst "DOCTOR" advice in the Philippines'.

Dr. Farrah is asking him to pay a huge fine of $100,000 for all the damages he did to her name and her products and even threatened to report him to the Australian Medical Board.

Doc Adam announced this on his most recent YouTube video and said that instead of suing him, Why not just "prove him wrong" about his claims about her and the products that she's selling. Doc Adam also said that he just wants to correct medical misinformation in the Philippines but he might not do YouTube anymore because of this incident.

Doc Adam is known for its content debunking YouTubers who spread misinformation to the netizens. This man really proves everything with his 10 years of experience in his field as a Doctor. 

And now for this incident, his journey might temporarily be unavailable. A lot of netizens went angry with Doctor Farrah due to what she did. 

Here are the comments from the netizens: 

The audacity of this quack doctor who just attended a 5hrs seminar in harvard then alrdy claimed herself as harvard trained lol filing a case against a real doctor who has 10yrs experience - Netizen 1

Poor guy. His case is easy to defend though. I hope he finds good counsel. - Netizen 2

Mass report doctor farrah’s page 🤣 this entitled wannabe should lear their lessons lol - Netizen 3

Not sure about her real name kung tama pero doctor ba talaga s'ya? Bakit hindi naka-rehistro pangalan n'ya sa PRC? Kahit naman siguro hindi ka mag-renew ng license dito sa Philippines lalabas pa rin dapat name n'ya sa Leris ng PRC. Given that she passed the board (if ever nagtake s'ya or naipasa n'ya) hmm - Netizen 4

For you? Where's your stand, are you with Doc Smith or Doc Farrah? Hmmm. 

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