Ex-girlfriend of Zef, clarified the viral issue that they both included - GazeFeed

Ex-girlfriend of Zef, clarified the viral issue that they both included - GazeFeed

Recently, the viral issue of police known as Zef was discovered after the statement of the policeman triggers the ex-girlfriend of him. 

Zef posted a photo with his new girlfriend and their first meet! It went viral and they got the opportunity to be featured in a TV show. 

In the interview, Zef stated that he was being cheated by his ex-girlfriend, Cy Lee. Then the statement of Zef triggers Cy to message him and asked him why did he say that. 

Here's the complete conversation posted by Cy Lee itself, the ex-girlfriend of Zef for 6 years: 

Zef and Cy are in good terms right now but both of them never expected that this issue will be viral. 

They are now happy with their new partners and claimed that they're completely move-on with their failed relationship. 

However, the netizens keep on sharing the viral post on Facebook and it keeps on receiving reactions from the public. 

Cy Lee requested people to stop spreading fake news as this may affect their present relationship. 

"Move on People! I'm happy now!" - Cy Lee

Ex-girlfriend of Cy as she proudly posted their photo with her new boyfriend. 

May you guys stay strong and happy with your new partners! 

Source: Cy Lee | Facebook

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