Pretty Banana-cue Vendor of Davao went viral! - GazeFeed

Pretty Banana-cue Vendor of Davao went viral! - GazeFeed

The Pandemic we currently facing right now affects all kind of business globally! A lot of establishments closed and different kind of business are now completely bankrupt due to this CoVID19 global pandemic! 

As a regular worker who only earns basic salary, we are also affected especially when our company who gave us salary are now closed due to this pandemic. 

Yssa Nicole Nengasca, initiated to help her parents out who's also a victim and affected by the global pandemic in which resulted their source of income decreases. 

Yssa, helped her parents by selling Bananacue on the street just to survive this pandemic and secure their daily bills and allowance. 

Yssa Nicole Nengasca lived in Davao City and currently studying somewhere in Davao. 

We all know that Davao has also increasing numbers of infected people by the virus. And as expected, businesses also in Davao are all affected. 

Yssa's posta went viral and received a lot of positive comments! They admire her for her bravery in selling food and her simple actions for helping her parents out to survive this global pandemic. 

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