Desperate man wears DIY face-shield to survive the pandemic - GazeFeed

Desperate man wears DIY face-shield to survive the pandemic - GazeFeed

A lot of us now were affected by the pandemic, CoVID19. different types of businesses were down and bankrupt due to the pandemic. WHO also suggests that whenever we go outside our comfort, we should protect ourselves by wearing PPEs; facemask, face shield, social distance, alcohol. 

Recently, a picture of a man went viral after he wears in public his 'DIY face-shield'. Netizens felt emotional after seeing the picture. 

Due to crisis and lack of finances, a lot of people nowadays are risking their lives dealing to travel daily to work even though it's really dangerous to commute and go outside our houses. 

To add more, we are also required to buy and equipped our PPEs whenever we are in public places. But due to lack of finances, not all of us can afford to buy all those required equipment. 

Just like the picture of a man, making his own Face-shield in public because he cannot afford to buy a new one. 

The post went viral and a lot of people are asking for the name of TATAY and how to reach him. Because people want to help him and maybe treat him with groceries. 

Comments of the netizens were also full of tags with KMJS and Raffy Tulfo in Action in which they hope that the following TV program can help him out and give him cash. 

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