UP student shared his experience on how he successfully surpass his "3-years-challenge" to graduate as PhD Mathematics - GazeFeed

UP student shared his experience on how he successfully surpass his "3-years-challenge" to graduate as PhD Mathematics - GazeFeed

As a student, we all know that the journey of it is really not that easy. Bryan S. Hernandez a PhD Mathematics student, shared his own story on how he surpass the PhD life and challenge himself to graduate in just three years. 

On his public post, he shared to the netizens how hard it is for him in surpassing the challenge of being a PhD student. Given the fact that the subject itself nor the curriculum that you are going to learn during the process is already hard. Adding the financial needed for to complete the mission is also a burden for him.

Here's the full story: 

"I applied as a PhD Math student for the 1st sem of 2016-2017 at UP Diliman with the DOST scholarship. As a scholar, you would receive P28,000 each month (that time) in a span of 3 years (6 semesters and 2 midyear). In addition, you would also have a book allowance of P10,000 per sem, and later, thesis/dissertation allowance. All of these are TAX FREE. But the thing is, you have to finish the degree and serve the Philippines for 3 years (ratio of no. of years as a scholar:service period=1:1). Otherwise, you have to pay everything. If this would happen and you would use up the resources for 3 years, you would be burdened to pay around a million pesos + interest.

For you to graduate, you must take all the required courses. You must also pass the comprehensive exam, which consists of major areas (in mathematics in my case). Moreover, you have to publish your thesis/dissertation in a reputable (scientific) journal. With these things in mind, I actually had a doubt if I could get the degree even though I already went through almost the same process during my Master's at UPLB. I actually lacked confidence at that time.

For the DOST scholarship, you can defer at most one sem. Otherwise, it gets forfeited. I approached the director of the Institute of Math that time. I requested for her to sign the deferment form and told her the reason why I wanted to defer. She signed it, but she encouraged me to enroll next semester (with a smiling face). She is just so nice. :)

Individually, we all have dreams in life. One of my dreams was to obtain a PhD (kaso mahirap pala haha). I had only one semester to defer. It's now or never. And so I enrolled the next semester. Sige tuloy na to! 3-year (6-sem) challenge accepted...

Semester 1/6
I took among the most challenging math subjects for me: Functional Analysis and Real Analysis. My GWA for this sem exceeded the cut-off, which is 1.75. This was really alarming, DOST was waving!!! Sige babayaran mo ung stipend, di mo na natapos, may utang ka pa! Galing diba. Haha!
Within the sem, it came to the point of asking: "Ano bang ginagawa ko? Bakit ako nagpapakahirap sa buhay? Hindi ko na yata kaya. Kelangan ko na yatang tumigil. May time na umiyak nga ako sa dorm habang nag aaral o bago matulog kasi mali yata ang decision ko sa buhay.

Semester 2/6
Our monthly stipend increased from 28k to 33k. This became a motivation for me to continue my studies haha! So sinipagan ko lalo, awa ng Diyos, this sem 1.0 na ang GWA ko. Na beat ko na ung cut-off. :)

Semester 3/6
In this semester, I took courses/subjects, started to do my dissertation, and reviewed for the Comprehensive Examination which covers various areas of math. This was actually my busiest semester. It was like I was in hell doing these stuffs. I organized a group of almost 10 persons for regular study. We assigned problems to each other and did reporting. I wanted to beat the timeline. #STRATEGY

Semester 4/6
The exams were scheduled in the first month of the sem which were scheduled for 3 days, succeeding days are a week apart. Right after taking the exams, I went back studying for my dissertation and allot at least 8 hours a day (yes almost everyday). There were a lot of days with almost sleepless nights.
Then there came the news, luckily, I passed all the exams in a single take. This was also the semester when I was about 80% done with my dissertation.
I remember proving propositions(theorems) during the holidays (Christmas and New Year).

Semester 5/6
I was done finishing my dissertation (with the help of my excellent advisers). We crafted and submitted obtained papers to reputable journals. At this point, I took a short break as I was waiting for the acceptance of the papers.

Semester 6/6
The acceptance of the papers happened and I did all the formalities. I completed the following in one sem:
a. candidacy exam - you have present a paper or study related to your research,
b. dissertation proposal,
c. colloquium - presentation of results, and
d. final examination - dissertation defense.
In this sem, I also took a teaching load of 24 units at TIP Cubao. I decided to work during this time because I know, it's really hard to get a teaching position during 2nd sems. Usually, schools have their vacancy during 1st sems.

And there you are, a guy who was afraid if he could publish his dissertation (thanks for the help of his advisers) and has a low level of confidence was able to come up with three 30-page papers from his dissertation which were all published in international science citation indexed journals, which he never imagined before.

If you want to finish PhD in 3 years, you must start doing your thesis at least in the second year.

I went through a lot of frustrations and thinking of not making it but you must devote a lot of TIME and do your BEST, para malagpasan tong #StruggleIsReal na to haha!

And yes, nagawa ko ung #3yearschallenge na na-set ko. :)

Talagang mahirap pero kinaya naman! Lubos po akong nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng tumulong sa akin. Hindi ko na po kayo maiisa isa pa. Dahil po sa inyo kung bakit ako nakatapos. Thank you so much po ulit. God bless you more and more po. #GRATEFUL

Para rin po ito sa Tatay kong nawala na sa atin. Miss na miss na po kita. Belated Happy Father's day po. Sana masaya kayo kapiling si Lord. <3 I love you so much Tatay.

Walang imposible sa ating Panginoon. #TIWALA #DASAL #GAWA
To God be the glory "

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