Man cancelled their wedding after she find out the real face of her bride - GazeFeed

Man cancelled their wedding after she find out the real face of her bride - GazeFeed

Marriage is one of the most sacred sacred relationships between a woman and a man, so it is important to consider it several times before deciding to eventually marry the couple.

Look at the strange story of a couple in which the man discovers the longest secret of the woman he is going to marry.

The man identified Yusuf as having a long-distance relationship that lasted for two years when they had never met in person and only talked on the internet.

Only two phone calls have been his way of communication for two years because the woman did not want to have a video call and it is widely said.

During the duration of their relationship, their romance seems to have deepened, so the two have decided to get married.

But in the unlikely event that on the day of their marriage, Yusuf suddenly retreated because he had uncovered the most secret of the woman he was going to marry.

Yusuf was surprised that the woman with him on the altar looked so different from the one he met on the internet.

As a result, Yusuf seemed to be waking up to the truth that the woman had deceived him and that he did not hesitate to terminate the marriage.

Yusuf felt a lot of anger and anger after finding out that the woman he loved online had a different face to his personal as if he had just been cheated on.

Yusuf found that as his grandmother was about to marry the girl he had a very different face with the woman who had captured his heart on the internet.

The old woman believed she was young because she used a picture of a very nice girl who had just taken to Facebook.

Yusuf's story still has the chance that he sends money to a woman he met online, which is why he feels twice as angry.

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