Husband, waited for long hours just for her wife's Tamagotchi - GazeFeed

Husband, waited for long hours just for her wife's Tamagotchi - GazeFeed

Recently, a guy shared her experience after her wife taunted him to wait for something in their door to knock because there will parcel coming on their step doors. And he's really confused on what's that important thing she's saying that made her wife act like that. 

Luwi Sarangaya Netro, on his public Facebook post, he shared his experienced with her wife after his wife warned him to look for the parcel coming on their home because it is really important! 

"Pambihira! Sabi ng misis ko wag daw ako mag siesta/matulog abangan ko daw sa pinto un order nya sa shopee. Importante daw yun...

Parang tanga ako naka abang sa pinto para mag receive kakaantay langya TAMAGOTCHI lang pala. Ganyan po ka trigger happy bumili ang misis ko sa shopee. BUSET!

At eto pa kung mahal ko daw sya. Dapat matuto akong mahalin ang nakaraan nya. Wow buset to the maxxxxx!!!.

Dagdag palamunin pa ito sa pandemia."


Extraordinary! My wife said I should not take a nap / sleep I would wait for her at the door un order to the shopee. That seems important ...

I look like a fool waiting at the door to receive just waiting TAMAGOTCHI. That's how you trigger happy my wife bought the shopee. BUSET!

And here it is if I love him. I must learn to love her past. Wow buset to the maxxxxx !!!.

Add more to this pandemic.

Luwi did not expect that was the parcel coming being pointed by his wife and yet instead. He was amazed on how cute and adorable his wife is. 

The post also went viral and received over 20k shares, 6.1k comments and 38k of reactions! 


Aiko Salonga Vicente huwaaa. naalala ko nung bata ako. meron ako nito

Sharemaine Rocha Bili talaga ako pagmay pera ako.

Mhimz Alejandro Naalala ko un alaga ko malaki n sya. Ending naubos baterya back to 1yr old ult 😂😂😂

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