Heart Evangelista spotted in a beach removing lice from random aspin dog - GazeFeed

Heart Evangelista spotted in a beach removing lice from a random aspin dog - GazeFeed

From a very popular artist who's known for its wealth, Heart Evangelista didn't hesitate to touched and removed lice from an aspin dog named "DAGUL".

Heart Evangelista lives in a lifestyle where everybody would want to! She's the wife of Filipino lawyer Chiz Escudero and at the same time a politician. 

A netizen shared to the public the IG story of Heart in which she actually removed lice from an aspin Dog without showing discrimination from it. 

Heart with her baby Dagul.

Photo by Heart Evangelista

Photo by Heart Evangelista

The post received a lot of comments from the netizens and admire Heart of his kind actions towards the aspin dog. 

There are also people were surprised for her response towards the random dog named "DAGUL" and still left shocked because they cannot believe that someone like Heart would do such actions. 

The main post went viral and still received a lot of reactions from the audience. As of writing the post have 5.9k reactions, 9.5k shares and 962 comments. 

Imagine meeting someone like Heart! Truly indeed, Heart has a kind and golden-heart! <3 

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