Filipina, shared her amazing story of a guy who offered him a jacket to cover her lap - GazeFeed

Filipina, shared her amazing story of a guy who offered him a jacket to cover her lap - GazeFeed

Does it seem that men are losing their temper when it comes to being a gentleman when it comes to treating women who, sometimes, instead of respecting and respecting women, seem to think badly of them.

But let's change the experience of a netizen Clong Clong where he shared what was amazing about a man who was with him in the jeep.

According to the story of the netizen, while he was sitting in the jeep he was riding in, a man sat in front of him and while they were on the flight he was surprised when the mysterious man suddenly offered his uniform to cover his thigh so that he would not peek.

"I just shared. Earlier while in the jeep there was a man sitting in front of me. He offered me his uniform I said." sharing by Clong Clong.

According to Clong Clong, he was dressed at that time but it was not short and it was only above the knee when standing so it was not ugly to look at.

"I was dressed but not that short above the knee when we turned." according to Clong Clong.

He said that at first he denied it and apologized and said that he would just fix his seat but the second time the man still wanted to give his uniform which seemed to show a rare gentlemanliness. that only men do nowadays.

"At first I refused and apologized I said I would just tilt the seat but he insisted that I take the dress. Here it entered my mind that no matter how you dress as a girl it really depends on the man how they think. Luckily gentleman si kuya. Again my dress is not short and I have shorts inside. "

Because of Clong Clong's sharing on his social media account, the man reacted positively to netizens.

"Share ko lang. Kanina habang nasa jeep may umupong lalake sa harapan ko. He offered me his uniform patong ko daw. Naka dress ako pero hindi naman ganun kaiksi above the knee pag naka tayo. At first tumanggi ako at nag sorry sabi ko tatabingi nalang ako ng upo but he insist na kunin ko yung damit. Dito pumasok sa isip ko na no matter how u dress as a girl nasa lalake padin talaga kung pano sila mag isip. Luckily gentleman si kuya. Again hindi po kaiksian yung dress ko at may short ako sa loob. "Ps. Baka ayaw niya lang nakikita yung pata ko? Hahahaha"

Source: Clong Clong | Facebook

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