Wife cheated on her husband, "Malayo pinagpalit sa Malapit!" - GazeFeed

Wife cheated on her husband, "Malayo pinagpalit sa Malapit!" - GazeFeed

Affair isn't a new issue nowadays, it has been happening since then, in which there different reasons of people who are involved. They say, they choose to cheat because they are not happy anymore and some of them would say, it's just the call of body needs. But that's the reason of those people who are just trying to get out of the way. 

In Philippines, a netizen shared his tragic experience on his wife, after his wife cheated on him while his wife is working in abroad.

Jheff Tendencia posted on his wife account, on what really happened to them. He expressed his feelings in a public post with a photo of his wife and the new one.

"This is my wife and the person she chooses over her family"

The netizens also expressed their hate comments towards the cheater wife, and the post went viral and gathered 16k of shares! 

Jheff also asked for the netizens not to bash him if he posted the photo of two and hopes that the audience will understand his side now. 

What are your thoughts about cheaters? Comment your thoughts down below! 

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