"Taong Grasa challenge" new viral challenge made the netizens angry - GazeFeed

"Taong Grasa challenge" new viral challenge made the netizens angry - GazeFeed

A lot of people out there are living on the streets, setting up their kartons that serves as bed mat in which they used to sleep for a short period of time. They are those individuals who are unfortunate in things but blessed with life. Some people may say that they are unfortunate in everything in life, but the given life from above is truly considered to be a blessing. 

It's a very bad joke when you make a challenge like this, "Taong Grasa" challenge shouldn't be a joke. But these people from Facebook, made fun of those situations of the streets. 'Taong Grasa' challenge is something that you are going to imitate the outfit or physical lifestyle of those unfortunate living in the streets. 

It went viral and people are bashing those people who cast this challenge. 

In a Facebook post of Saina Sandueta, she performed the challenge and it went viral. 

Saina, imitated the physical appearance of a beggar. The post went viral and received a lot of negative feedback from the comment section! 

These kind of challenge shouldn't be done by anyone again, and should be reminded that the life situation of anyone isn't a joke. The actual post was deleted but luckily we had a screenshot of it. Saina should learn from this and listen to the audience, thankfully she listened. 

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