RyCon and SkuZei are now called by netizens 'Exchange gift' - GazeFeed

RyCon and SkuZei are now called by netizens 'Exchange gift' - GazeFeed

RyCon announced their official break up to the public last few days ago and had issues together and a lot of rumors are now spreading online. SkuZei, also had a lot of issues together after they broke up, same thing was happened with RyCon recently.

Rumors have been confirmed by the netizens after Skusta Clee, uploaded in his IG story that he's together with Ryssi.

Skusta claimed that all of these days, Zeinab has been pushing issue towards her 'not returned' pajama to Daryl (Skusta clee).

Daryl said on his IG story while Ryssi is sitting in their sala while smoking:

"Eto pala ang nginunguya mo?" 

The video went viral and netizens are now talking about the two ex-couple. Netizens also called them as 'exchange-gift' after they have been spotted exchanging partners and being together all this time.

Concon Felix collaborating with Zeinab Harake via TikTok video. 

Daryl Ruiz with Ryssi in IG story of Ry.

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