Pinoy graduated from Harvard Law School - GazeFeed

Pinoy graduated from Harvard Law School - GazeFeed

A Filipino never thought he could finish his studies at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jose Angelo David thought that Harvard only existed in the novels and could never reach it because he had grown up in a small town in Metro Manila where only a few had completed college or reached it.

His father was a local government employee and enrolling his three siblings in public school was the way to get histhrough college.

It is not often that he talks about his master's at school because most students find it difficult to get a college degree.

Even more so was the challenge he faced when his father was diagnosed with leukemia where his family had exhausted.

Not only did his father die but they also lost hope of a comfortable life.

He is grateful to their mother who is still strong and able to work in the call center.

Through full scholarship he graduated from San Beda Law School and became a lawyer in the Philippines.

He thanked everyone who supported him and gave him a motive.

“So, when I say that getting a Harvard degree was to me unimaginable, my purpose is to recognize that getting a Harvard diploma took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears — not just my own, but of many others who supported me, taught me, inspired me, and motivated me to realize my grandest aspirations. I take this opportunity to thank a few of these people, without intent to belittle the love and support of those I may not specifically mention, ”said David in a Facebook post.

Source: Anjo David | Facebook

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