Netizens says on Kim Chiu's "Bawal Lumabas" song, "Totally unfair to those local and underrated artists" - GazeFeed

Netizens says on Kim Chiu's "Bawal Lumabas" song, "Totally unfair to those local and underrated artists" - GazeFeed

A lot of people are expressing their thoughts on how unfair the system in different kind of platforms here in the Philippines. 

After the Viral audio track of Kim Chiu's "Bawal Lumabas" song, she grabbed the opportunity and made a full version of it. The song went viral after the netizens felt cringe with the song in which, bashers are now growing and growing after she made the full version of "The Classroom" song. 

Now, Kim Chiu got the chance to perform in Wish 107.5 Bus, a lot of local artists and even normal people are ranting about their thoughts with regards to the viral full song of Kim's "Bawal Lumabas" on wish. 

As some say, "A lot of good artists are struggling to get in to your platform. Yet failed, despite of their talent. And here we are, with kim. Nothing against her. But it's just more talented musicians deserves this spot.
Edit: Wish has helped a lot of artists. I neither hate kim nor wish. Im just expressing my opinion." - Jorge Christian Zabala

Best recording artist of the year
Lifetime PMPC Star award for Music
RIP to OPM Music huhu 
- Kenz Arvadeo

If you want to cancel wish, it's your loss. Go find a platform that gives voice to aspiring artists better than Wish does. On top of that, they provide quality music and videos on YT. Oh, and have you heard of the continuous charity they provide? Go cancel a platform that does better than all of these haters combined. 
Lovely She Cortezano

Artists, Lyricists, Writers, Composers left the group.
- Jon Sawac

This will be a slap for so many artist who spend most of their time just to make a wonderful songs.
- Christian B. Isabedra 

cringe move Wish, super cringe. I thought you showcased only the very talented performers. 
- NiƱo Angelou Agosila Estremos

 A classic example of a hype song that cannot be bestowed to the next generation. RIP opm. 
- Alley Bert

Alipin ng monitize views. There's so much more "talented artists" that needs to be featured on your show hence you just ride this kind of act just for the love of views. Hahahahahaha 
- Marvin Cespedes Asejo

Please support real talents. We have lots of filipinos who have the talent. This is just so frustrating. I am not against Kim but this is just too much. - Euqinom Perez

Source: Wish 107.5 | Facebook

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