Netizens admired Andi Eigenmann after being seen riding in a motorcycle - GazeFeed

Netizens admired Andi Eigenmann after being seen riding in a motorcycle - GazeFeed  

A lot of the netizens really admired Andi for being simple and genuine for what she have right now. There are other people still cannot believe how simple this lady and truly a genuine person! 

In the business of showbiz, a lot of artists left the industry and chooses to live their life peacefully without any issues, false news, conflicts and stress. Andi is one of them, who chooses to live her life and spent her time on her family! 

As we all know, Andi moved to Siargao and happily living her life there together with her family. 

She met her prince charming who's known for being most skilled surfer in Siargao, Philmar Alipayo - the father of her second child Keliana Alohi or Lilo, and also the acting dad of Andi’s daughter Ellie.

The life of Andi now is peaceful and it received a lot of positive comments from the netizens, admiring her how perfect she is, like you could never imagine someone who's pretty as that and can live with a simple life in Siargao?  

Netizen - Contessa Aubrea Paraico – Carnaje, according to her, she saw the former actress holding a water tub while riding a motorcycle together with Philmar. 

The post went viral and received a lot of mixed emotions from the audience. A lot of people admired Andi for being a simple one after leaving her luxurious life before when she was in the industry. 

People can see the genuine happiness she has now and appreciated her humbleness as a person. 

On the other hand, Andi posted on her IG story: 

“When I want to buy things, I have to hold it. And pray I don’t drop it cus patay tayo kay @chepox,” she captioned it on her post.

Some say that they are envy how Andi enjoys her simple life now and she really deserved that peace! 

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