Netizen expressed her rants to 'J&T Express Philippines' after she ordered a mobile phone and turned out to be scammed by what's inside - GazeFeed

Netizen expressed her rants to 'J&T Express Philippines' after she ordered a mobile phone and turned out to be scammed by what's inside - GazeFeed

J&T Express Philippines is a private courier company that's quickly growing and growing nowadays. They are partnered with Shoppee and different online sellers outside. 

Recently, there are viral videos circulating online showing how incompetent these workers are. In the viral video, workers has shown their awful and with lazy actions on handling parcels. 

Fortunately, the company responded to the people's concern and they already given the right sanction to those individuals caught on act, mishandling parcels and showing incompetent actions. 

Different individuals and netizens are also expressing their theories to the incident. Some of them believe that, maybe the salary is too low or the supervisor is incompetent and some of them said maybe it's just the innate attitude of those individuals involved on act. 

However, the company received another issue with their service. A customer, expressed her rant about the service of the said company. 

In her public post, she stated what happened: 

 I ordered a XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 9 phone from Shopee’s Xiaomi official store last June 6, 2020. It arrived today, June 23,2020 (which was longer than my other usual overseas deliveries). I received the box and noticed that it wobbles. “Basin wala lang gibubblewrap” At the back of my mind.
I gave it to my sister na so she can open it. As we opened it, surprisingly it is no longer sealed and was CHANGED INTO A USED BROKEN CHERRY MOBILE PHONE. 🤬🤯
After seeing the viral video of how J&T Express Philippines handles their parcels yesterday. I didn’t expect this would happen to my orders as well. WTF 🤬🤬
PS i already filed for dispute and still waiting for seller’s respond.
~I informed the courier right away and he instructed me what to do. (He too, is very conscious kay basin siya ang mapasanginlan. He said he will report this incident to his supervisor.)

Image may contain: phone
Actual Photo from Miss Reeza's order carried by J&T Express Philippines

No photo description available.
Screenshot by Miss Reeza Antonette showing the tracking service of her
transaction to J&T Express Philippines / via Reeza Antonette. 

The company immediately responded to the issue and now resolving the problem by tracking and conducting investigation to the concern of Miss Reeza Antonette. 

A lot of netizens also reacted and now doubtful on their current transaction with the said courier. There are also netizens are now afraid and hesitant in proceeding their transaction to J&T Express Philippines. 

Source: Reeza Antonette | Facebook

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