Matthaios debunked Alex Gonzaga's 'Chambe' music - GazeFeed

Matthaios debunked Alex Gonzaga's 'Chambe' music - GazeFeed

Hot topic now is the quarrel between Alex and Matthaios. The conflict started when Matthaios debunked the music of Alex entitled, 'Chambe' who just hit more than 29 million views on YouTube.

Matthaios is a song writer who popularly known in his single title, 'Catriona' song. In which he appreciate the beauty of the 2018 Miss Universe, Catriona Gray.

The mentioned artist debunked the actress/songwriter/comedia/vlogger/endorser/entrepreneur by her song entitled, 'Chambe' that was upload in late 2018.

In a viral video uploaded by a netizen, the guy published a video with a bars criticizing and hitting the 'Chambe' music of Alex.

"All up wait, sino ka nga ulit? Eh, yung Chambe mo nga hindi naman malupet! Bakit ba sa tingin mo ay ikaw ang mas angat, eh sa vlogs ka lang naman talaga sikat. So girl, just sit down, and put on your make-up, 'couz sh&&& said, would the real OD please stand up! Please stand up!" - Matthaios 
Alex also responded to the video of the said artist saying:

"Ugh, ako si Alex G. the best con-G! Hindi ako nagpre-pretend, 'couz I am the real freaking deal. May mga pa-konyo, 'yezzer-yezzer!' Oy, Matthaios! 'Wag ako, talo ng jeje ang konyo!" 

The video went viral and Alex uploaded another video again saying:

"Ikaw ngang bata ka, makinig ka! Una sa lahat sa nagawa mo nang kanta, ikaw ba ay nagbayad na kay Catriona? Ikaw kasi gumamit sa sikat ika'y sumabit! Ang tawag nga sa'yo, Mr. Universe na pangit! At least ako sa Chambe, alam ito ni sevi, approved pa nga ni Toni, haa!!?? Kamag-anak eh, break it down yow!" 
Here's the full story:

The thread went viral and it reached across the Twitter and Facebook. Netizens are now supporting Alex G., while on the other hand, Matthaios is now receiving a lot of bash and negative comments from the people.

Source: Facebook 

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