Little girl left no choice but to open her coin bank to buy phone for online class - GazeFeed

Little girl left no choice but to open her coin bank to buy phone for online class - GazeFeed

The demand of online class increased globally due to the pandemic that the world is currently facing right now. The trend received a lot of emotions since there are individuals with low income, cannot afford to proceed online class. This little girl from Thailand praised by netizens after she forced to open her coin bank to buy a new phone for online class. 

Saowalak Chantakanok shared a photo of a little poor girl who was forced to open her savings and break her coin bank just to buy a new phone for her online class. 

Saowalak Chantakanok works at Huawei store in Thailand and witnessed the sad story of this kid when the kid said, she had no choice but to open her coin bank just to proceed in online class. 

At first, the grandfather of kid asked the management of Huawei if the store accepts coins and random types of money just to her entry phone to do online class. The management said yes and that they accepts coins and types or amount of money will do, the kid immediately brought her coin bank and didn't hesitate to count their money at the stall! 

The kid's dedication to learn proved how sincere she is in learning and by adopting to what's trend in making education possible at your comfort! 

Chantakanok joked to the kid that, oh yes you can now play games baby! but was surprised to the kid's response: 

"Nope, I need it so that I can join my friends online e-learning." the girl responded. 

Saowalak Chantakanok posted on her social media account with a caption: 

I want to know who comments about studying online.. Look at what you present, but do you know that the struggle has happened for those who have little money.. Look at this kid has to hakka jar to want to study like Friends with friends.
.. Ask the kid if I bought it to play games.
.... No, I will take it to study online with my friends.
Answer to the little boy (please allow me to post photos)

Source: Saowalak Chantakanok | Facebook 

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