GrabFood delivery guy still insisted to complete his delivery after he collapsed due to illness - GazeFeed

GrabFood delivery guy still insisted to complete his delivery after he collapsed due to illness - GazeFeed

Amidst of pandemic, people are striving hard in life and risking on looking for money to survive. One of the jobs who's in demand at this moment is 'delivery driver'. They can be considered to be our frontliners in which they deliver any kind of goods in front of our doors. 

This rider from Singapore went viral after he still insisted to complete his deliveries after he collapsed due to illness. 

Kelvin Tay said, he just dropped his son at the school and was waiting for the traffic light to go green, and noticed this rider who looks tired and sick. After just seconds he took that photo, the man on the picture collapsed on his bike. 

Kelvin rushed to the rider and offer him a help, he placed the rider at the side walk to have some short rest and the young man looked pale and very sick. The young man keeps on complaining that his stomach aches. 

The young man still insisted that he will complete the delivery, so Kelvin helped him out to go in the customer's address and delivery the order. 

Kelvin showed his good personality by helping the young guy to have some rest in a while, and decided to escort him to his place and take some medicine. 

He also urged the netizens to keep this incident as a lesson that any workers should prioritize health and safety over work. 

"Objective of this message is to share the hard work of Bros and Sis doing deliver... Times like this is not easy. Sometimes if they are slightly late, its definitely not intentional. I hope Singaporeans will have more empathy towards them, especially times like now when delivery is on rise, - Kelvin
Coming from delivery background myself, I know and understand how tough it can be. But always remember... Health should be come at first... If really feeling unwell, take the day to rest and nurse your health back. Hopefully this young man will recover soon and be back on his delivery route again... - Kelvin"

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