Father trying hard to pay for phone loan requested by his son just to play games - GazeFeed

Father trying hard to pay for a 'phone loan' requested by his son just to play games - GazeFeed

In the Philippines, poverty is the main problem of the government. A lot of families are getting hungry due to crisis and out of financial resources like many individuals are unemployed and etc. Life is indeed about survival, if you don't work you have no food in your table. 

A netizen publicly shared a real life story, in her Facebook post he captioned his photo with: 

"Tatay: Mam mabayad ko 3months nako dabi wala kabayad sakon Home Credit. Gatinex na sila basi mapreso ta sini. Hehe
Cashier: Cellphone kinuha mo sir?
Tatay: Oo mam pero ang anak ko ang gagamit. Pirme malang gina games. 4,000+ akon balayran ila text sakon paki check mam.
Cashier: Teh bayaran moni subong sir?
Tatay: Oo mam. Pigado gani isda subong pigado man benta. Pero sige lang ah maimpasan kogid na.
Advise ko sa mga bagets, wala gaipot kwarta parents nyo. Kag please check nyo capacity sang ginikanan nyo magbayad cnyo luho. Panumdumon nyo kung kaya ayhan nila bayaran monthly? Kay hindi lang amu na ang gnaproblema nila nga balayran every month. Masunggod lang kamo sa ginikanan nyo kung di makuha gusto nyo pero tani gina isip nyo man ila posisyon bago kamo magdemand. 👍"

He said that, I witnessed a sad story in which a father having hard time to pay for a phone requested by his son in which it was just used to play games.

The worst part is, the father is just a simple fisherman who's salary isn't enough to buy food but still, he made his effort to pay for the 'phone loan' because he is afraid that he will be imprisoned if he won't.

The father said that, even if he's just a fisherman, he will still pay for that. He promised to his self that he will full the payment soon!

It is so sad that there are still spoil kids like this who pushed their parents to buy with the things they want even if they know their current capability.

This should be a moral to everyone and especially to kids out there that can read this article. Never demand to your parents that you know they cannot give. Be contented on what you have and be considerate.

Source: Maia Obera | Facebook

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