Delivery guy who has disability, continued to work amidst COVID - GazeFeed

Delivery guy who has disability, continued to work amidst COVID - GazeFeed

The picture of a food delivery man is still viral on social media despite his leg alone and despite the COVID-19 threat.

The post of netizen Ronald Ar-Ar Ouano was snapped after he shared a photo of a delivery man with only one leg on his Facebook account.

Many have been amazed at the continued employment and service of this delivery man despite his disability and the threat of COVID-19.

The shared picture shows the crutch holding the man with the left leg.

According to Ronald's Facebook post, the man allegedly was a "top performer" in the job at the food delivery service Food Panda in Cebu.

According to Ronald's Facebook post, the man's disability has not been a barrier to providing the right service to his disgruntled Food delivery service Food Panda in Cebu as he is a "top performer" in the job.

Ronald's post was sparked by positive comments from netizens and many said that the man deserved recognition.

Read some of their comments below:

"Nakakahanga naman si Kuya.. Salute. May He always keep you safe po.
Sana sa lahat ng tinatamad maghanap ng work, or sa mga nasanay ng mging tambay at asa nalang kung kani-kanino, SANA.. Sana makitaan at maging inspiration nyo si Kuya.. Masipag at determinado."

"He's from Cebu. I stood up for him when he asked for a plastic bag on "No plastic bag day" by telling the cashier that it will be very difficult to carry the food he bought to his motorcycle as he has to use his crutches. The cashier was adamant. He didn't complain and just picked up the food inside a paper bag as gently as he can to keep it from ripping apart. There was nothing I can do but open the door for him even if we both knew he can do it by himself. He's that awesome." 

"Salute and two thumbs up sau sir.. God bless and keep safe always.." 

Source: Ronaldy Ar-Ar Quano | Facebook

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