Dad shared his way of disciplining his son, inspired the netizens and it went viral - GazeFeed

Dad shared his way of disciplining his son, inspired the netizens and it went viral - GazeFeed 

Mark Arrington shared his experienced in disciplining his son. It went viral and inspired other parents too!

Here's the story that Mark himself share on  his profile. His son was ranting about his broken xbox and asking for a new one to him. But, Mark got an idea in order for his son not be spoiled by the things that even he can afford it to buy directly, he wanted his son to be responsible and teach him a lesson.

He made a deal to his son, "I want to teach him a skill and moral too, that things you want should be worked hard in order you can get it."

Here's the full story in Mark's post:

"Markell: Dad my Xbox won't come on. I think it broken.Me:(checking the connection and power) yep its broke.Markell: can you get me a new one.Me: yeahMarkell: thanks dadMe: Be up tomorrow you going with me to do some work on the rental propertyMarkell: what are we doing?Me: Don't worry about it, don't worry about it sweetheart. 🤣😂
He got his Xbox. But that boy was tired.
Everytime he visit I try to at least spend one day with him teaching him a skill. Today we put down flooring. The last few visits we repaired the AC unit, repaired fence, built model cars and etc. I'm no professional at some thing but I'm good with my hands and pick up things quickly. One thing for sure, he'll know how to maintain his home, make money and his wife will not have to worry about him not being handy around the house. She'll be like "babe, the AC aint working" and he'll be like " Don't worry about it, don't worry about it sweetheart, I got it" Lol"

It went viral and gained over 182k shares on his original post and the people's feedback is very positive!

Check this out: 

"Being a parent too, I also love the idea of Mark. I also want my kids to be responsible too and at the same time he can learn some skills." - Comment One 

"I love this, will do this one to my kids too!" - Comment Two

Would you do the same thing to your kids too? Comment down below!

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