Concon, ex of Ryssi spotted together with Zeinab Harake - GazeFeed

Concon, ex of Ryssi spotted together with Zeinab Harake - GazeFeed

After RyCon breakup news, a lot of fans were sad and it went viral. Fans are sending their sympathy in behalf of Concon's fallen love. 

Recently, there are rumors spreading online that Ryssi and Skusta Clee (ex of Zeinab Harake) is in relationship. According to Concon's post on their social media account, he just said that "ganon po talaga eh, wala na tayo magawa." leaving the fans to think on what's the reason behind that and why did Ryssi left Concon and not showing even shadow for almost two weeks already? 

Rumors are getting worst, there are hearsay that Ryssi already had been together with Skusta and so on. Conspiracy theories are going anywhere and huge of conclusions are popping anywhere. 

However, Concon is spotted being together with Zeinab. In which, the fans are happy because both of them were victims of Skusta Clee. Zeinab had an issue and ex-boyfriend of Skusta Clee and Concon is speculating Skusta for being grabbing Ryssi. 

Here's the proof: 

In a post posted by Jabilles Ej, he posted some of the videos and photos as proof that Concon and Zeinab united! 

What are your thoughts? Do you believe of the rumors spreading online? Comment down below!

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