Boss looked for his worker just to give the 13th month pay of his laborer - GazeFeed

Boss looked for his worker just to give the 13th month pay of his laborer - GazeFeed

Many are affected by the existing lockdown or enhanced quarantine community in various parts of the Philippines caused by COVID-19. Almost all are unemployed and most find it difficult to find food especially for low-income citizens.

So most of them are relying only on the help the government will provide.

Only "Frontliners" are allowed to enter their jobs to serve the town, such as those working in hospitals, soldiers, police, janitors or supermarket employees.

Despite the fact that most of the country has been unemployed since quarantine was implemented, it is also of great help to ordinary workers that companies give their employees such as advanced 13th month pay.

However, netizens admired what a company boss did after finding his employee's home in a remote area to provide his unpaid wages and advanced 13th month pay.

According to James Voltaire Carson's Facebook post, since their company stopped operating due to the lockdown, he no longer saw Noel as a utility worker because he couldn't pay his remaining wages and his 13th month pay.

"Since March 17, when we stopped operations due to ECQ I did not see him. He did not get his salary and now we release advance 13th month pay he still does not get." James promise.

According to James, he was worried about Noel because he may not have the ability to travel to get his living wage since he was from a poorly trained city and had no cellphone.

"I was a little worried that he might not have the right to travel because in fact he was from the province and he was not used to being in the city and another that he did not have a cellphone." according to James.

Because of this, James decided to search the whereabouts of James' home and to avoid it he used his' high costume 'to locate Noel's house.

"I decided to find her house in a village in San Pedro, Laguna and it was a bit far and secluded

my lifting costume I found her home. "

James was overjoyed to see that his employees were in good shape and not able to put a smile on Noel's face when he met his boss and accepted the remaining pay and his 13th month pay.

"She was so happy and of course I was because I saw how well she was doing and I personally paid her prorated 13th month salary." James added.

James's kindness and concern for their employee Noel is just a demonstration that the Filipino spirit of heroism and hospitality is not lost on the Filipino people at this time.

Source: James Voltaire Carson | Facebook

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