A netizen shared his terrible experience after doing an ear-pierce in a mall - GazeFeed

A netizen shared his terrible experience after doing an ear-pierce in a mall - GazeFeed

Rose Ann Flores warned those people who often do piercing and planning to do one. She shared her terrible experience after she done her ear-pierce somewhere in a known mall in the Philippines.

In her public post, she said that's the worst experience she ever had! She can't sleep every night without taking pain killer medicine, "my headache hurts and I can't sleep every night if I don't take pain killer medicine, I can't stand well." 

On October 15 of 2019, after our final exam, we went to a known mall to have our 'earpiercing', at first, I was hesitating but the fact that I am already there so I decided to pursue it. They used a piercing gun to me and after that, everything was fine. I put 'baby oil' as what they said. But according to my Doctor, it shouldn't.

Moving forward, after a week, I noticed that it started to swollen on my right ear, I just ignored it until I am starting to feel pain.

I asked a professional 'piercing man' on what should I do if the pierced ear started to swollen, he responded, 'just put a hot pressure for about 15-20 mins every day', but I choose to consult a Doctor and asked some help.

The Doctor said, the process was done in improper and unclean way, or I was allergic with the earrings they put on my ear. Doc prescription is mostly antibiotics but still the pain is there so I decided to ask some help in our neighbor, she's a nurse and I told her if she can take the earrings out of my ear, she agreed.

The process has done successfully and I feel relieved that time, but a few hours after still the pain exist,  it started to swelling again. At the back of my ears, the it's also starting to blush straight in my neck.

I went to Doctor again for the follow up check up and they suggested that I should undergo operation. The infection and other pus present in the wound. And my family quickly decided to go, the process has done successfully and all went well.

Doctor prescribed again antibiotics to me and advises me to go through weekly check up for the monitoring until I feel okay.

This is a lesson to all of you guys, that you shouldn't do your piercing in your own. If it's done, always make sure that the materials disinfected and the process done properly by experts! 

Here's the full story:

Source: Rose Ann Flores | Facebook

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