Viral: An island with full of friendly wolves - GazeFeed

Viral: An island with full of friendly wolves - GazeFeed

Wolves existed for over 300,000 years ago here on Earth. They’d been with us for a long time ago hiding from poachers and wild humans. They have been known for being wild and dangerous especially in the forest. But this time, it’s different, the stereotypes of those attitude that we knew way back before has been debunked.

This sanctuary is located Anacortes, an island near Seattle, Washington.

Before going to the wild, you can experience first the two-hour tour at the predators of the Heart Sanctuary with friendly wolves there!

The wolves lived in ten acre sanctuary and have been brought there just because they have no place for them and wild is known for the perfect place for them!

And it is located just in the South of Vancouver, Canada off the coast of Washington. The sanctuary is very fresh and green, it’s full of lively trees and surrounded by the ocean!

The wolves are friendly and jolly because they have been exposed to human so much and they are also very smart enough that whenever they behave and make people laugh they will be rewarded by those visitors.

The demand also eventually increase after the unique experience of different people or stories from them went viral after they shared it on social media.

Would you dare to have a kiss with a giant puppy kisses from potential deadly wolf?

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