PLDT's customer sevice channel has been hacked - GazeFeed

PLDT's customer sevice channel has been hacked - GazeFeed 

The official Twitter account of PLDT customer care channel has been hacked by "Anonymous Philippines" hacker. 

The verified channel has been changed its name to "PLDT Doesn't Care". The hacker tweeted a post in which to call the attention of the company.

Mainly, the message of the hacker is to grab attention to the management that they should give quality service to its people and clients. 

Meanwhile, 20 mins after the first post, the hacket tweeted a post again serving a warning to Globe Telecom that their customer channel will be hacked too soon. 

This has been the most topic after all in social media, in which a lot of netizens were making memes about how bad the services of this Telcos. 

Quiboloy, Sara Duterte and even the President of the Philippines warned these Internet Service Providers to be responsible in giving good service to the Filipino people. 

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