Palace: Fabunan Anti-Viral injection isn't a cure against COVID - GazeFeed

Palace: Fabunan Anti-Viral injection isn't a cure against COVID - GazeFeed

Recently, Fabunan Clinic is claiming that he invented the anti-viral that the government is looking for against the deadly virus. 

It went viral after some netizens posted on their social media accounts that the anti-viral injection is really effective, and Fabunan clinic is confident about their anti-viral injection they invented. 

However, many netizens are skeptical about the vaccine. They don't think that the claim of the said clinic really works in fighting agains the global pandemic, coronavirus. Thus, this leads to some debunking statement from other people and even compared by different and rich known research labs company. 

As per cited by most netizens, "How could this Fabunan clinic discover this but the US labs and different labs from other countries spent billions of dollars to invent the vaccine and cure took them so much time? It seems fake." 

Most people also agreed to each other and the forum continued. 

On the other hand, MalacaƱang clarifies that Fabunan anti-viral injection has not been considered for coronavirus disease 2019.

"Fabunan has not yet been approved," Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in the Always Ready program released on PTV-4.

Roque reacted to this after posting photos of the photos he had sent to residents in Zambales.

The Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a cease and desist order against unregistered anti-viral drugs.

"It is important that before any drug, including Fabunan, is required to be registered with the FDA," Roque explained.

The Fabunan anti-viral injection was performed by brothers doctors Ruben and Willie Fabunan.

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