Meet Elisany, the tallest teenager in the world - GazeFeed

Meet Elisany, the tallest teenager in the world - GazeFeed

We have seen different types of basketball players around the mainstream, especially in NBA. Height is something that will make you realize that this teenager, Elisany is better than those pro-players in the industry! 

Elisany Silva (Elizane Cruz Silva, Silva da Cruz Elizane) is the tallest teenager that you can see in the world. She's only 18 years and can be quickly noticed by everyone whenever she goes. 

Elisany is 6'9 tall and recorded as the tallest teenager in the world! 

Even among the family, she is the tallest. 

Look, even with his siblings and father too.

The teenager is hoping that one day, she can be a model too. 

There are humors that the teenager wears a wedding dress during her debut. Imagine how amazing she looks when she's wearing that gown with that tall! 

This photo is composed of 7 frames, that's how tall she is, in which she needs 7 frames compiled for her to be fully seen in the camera. 

Elisany and Francinaldo also announced to the public recently, that they are getting married! 


Given that the height is a huge difference between of them, Francinaldo still bend down his knees and asked the girl for the wedding proposal. 

And yes, luckily, the teenager responded yes. Now, they are getting married! 

The couple hopes for a better future together and soon, they will start to have a family! 

It may seems awkward that the girl is taller than her boyfriend but when love is present, no one can stop them from being together. I can't imagine how tall she is in person but this story proves that everything in this world is destined and has a reason. No matter what your life status is, height, gender, physical appearance and etc., if that person loves you and you guys are both destined to each other, the world can't stop you. May the couple have a bright future and live their life happily ever after! 

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