Krispy Kreme's new flavor is partnered with Maltesers - GazeFeed

Krispy Kreme's new flavor is partnered with Maltesers - GazeFeed

The all new Krispy Kreme's doughnut is in collaboration of Maltesers and it's for choc malt lovers! 

On March 4 of this year, the company released their first collaboration with Maltesers chocolate! The idea was the Krispy Kreme's original glazed doughnut, dipped in milk chocolate ganache is topped with malted crème and Maltesers.

For sure, the hearts of chocolate lovers is now jumping since this flavor is exclusively made for you! Well, it's doesn't mean that people who don't love chocolates will not have the opportunity to taste this, but yes, it's for everyone! 

Tasha Kaur, Krispy Kreme's food technologist said: "Together with Maltesers, we set out to create the ultimate chocolate doughnut, After plenty of product trials and taste testing, we're thrilled to finally share our creation with the chocolate lovers of Australia."

We're all excited that this flavor will be available worldwide! 

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