He spent 2 years collecting seashells, ended up in covering the whole house - GazeFeed

He spent 2 years collecting seashells, ended up in covering the whole house - GazeFeed

Seashells is what we usually collect in beaches in which it serves as our "remembrance" to that beautiful paradise or beach that we've been to. Some of us usually collect stones or even piece of wood that came from that beach or island that we've been. But this traditional Chinese house on Lingshan Island (off the eastern coast of China) stunned the public after they made a quick makeover and creativity of their boring image to its neighbor.

Xiao Yongsheng, the owner of the house initially thinking of renovating his house. He started to have doubts in proceeding the process due to high costs it would because of their location and demand. 

His initial plan is to cover his house with seashells. Over the next two years,Yongsheng managed to cover his house with seashells. Instead of costing him a lot of cash in renovating his house, now he managed it to makeover his house by just all of his effort. 

Yongsheng described his project by this way: “I’d always liked shells, but it never struck me to use them until I was walking on a beach one morning and came across a very unusually colored clam shell and then it hit me. I realized I was sitting next to a huge, free supply of beautiful building material.” “I used them for everything,” he said. “For decoration, for roof tiles, as handles, and even crushed up to make mosaics. They are everywhere.” This seashell house is truly one of a kind.

Now, the covered house with seashells is being used to as museum to display the history of the island and fishermen. 

Imagine, the project started from just an idea and now became the most attractive house in the island!

This story will surely inspire those individual who are also planning to renovate but lack with budget! 

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