Hayden Kho's next target's Ivana Alawi? - GazeFeed

Hayden Kho's next target's Ivana Alawi? - GazeFeed

Hayden Kho has not been intrigued by the scandals he has done before.

Even the doctor's simple greeting on Mother's Day has been interpreted by some netizens, adding that men's new fantasy is its target today.

In a Mother's Day post for sexy actress Ivana Alawi, Hayden commented to congratulate her on the beauty.

Ivana Alawi (@IvanaAlawi) | Twitter

According to one netizen, Hayden seems to be 'next target' to Ivana, whose scandals have previously spread to two famous actresses.

Hayden's comment has already been delineated, apparently intrigue.

How happy it is now with Dra. Vicki Belo especially has a cute scarlet Scarlet Snow.

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