Grandma is struggling to buy smartphone for her grandson so it can attend to online class - GazeFeed

Grandma is struggling to buy smartphone for her grandson so it can attend to online class - GazeFeed

Different types of businesses are now affected of this global pandemic and education is not exempted with this case. Due to this pandemic, we are required to stay at our homes for our safety and to avoid the spread of the virus. 

Education system now is also doing their best to make it possible in continuing learning at your comfort. Online class is now implemented and being considered by a lot of schools now. Thus, students are now required to have their gadget in order to proceed with the online class or system. 

This trend isn't new anymore, in fact, parents from different known countries like Korea, China, and Japan uses this online class platform in expanding or making the knowledge foundation of their children. 

Jatupol Boriboon is a gadget staff working in Vivo Smartphone store somewhere in Rattanaburi, Thailand. He noticed this old woman together with her grandson looking for something, so out from curiosity, he approached the old woman and asked what they were looking for. The old woman responded that they are looking for a smartphone so her grandson can make it to attend online classes. The lady said that her budget is only 2,000 baht (62$) for the phone so that's why they were very careful on choosing the smartphone to buy because they cannot afford to buy those expensive ones. 

According to Boriboon, the old lady was not able to but the desired smartphone from their store and left him unsure if where those two can find the perfect gadget for their budget. Jatupol Boriboon left wondered and reflecting of the impact of this global pandemic to all, how struggle it is for other people in making this online class possible.

The post went viral and gathered a lot of reactions from the netizens with a topic about pros and cons in online class platform. 

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