Girl raped by her father twice amid lockdown while her mother's silently watching her - GazeFeed

Girl raped by her father twice amid lockdown while her mother's silently watching her - GazeFeed

In Madhya Pradesh, a girl reported to the cops that she was raped by his father twice during lock-down. The girl said that she was being raped by his father twice within the 16 days of being quarantine in their home. She also added that her mom is in accordance with the traumatic experience she had. 

The parents of the girl, denied the accusations and instead said that the girl is only framing them because they objected them of being in a relationship with a youth. In short, what was happened is all about black mailing. 

The first instance narrated by the girl to the police that it happened on March 26, 2020. She was on the kitchen while working some stuff, the girl's father allegedly grabbed her hand and for her to go in the room. The man tied him up in the bed while her mother stuffed her mouth with a cloth while silently watching her. The father said that he did it on purpose that this would be painless after marriage. After that incident, the parents locked her in the room to avoid her from informing the police. 

The girl escaped from her parent's home on April 10 and went to her aunt's home. Her parents located her again and the she was raped again for the second time. 

The suffering of the girl came to an end when her sister called 1098-toll free number and reported the incident. After being rescued by the cops, bite marks on her cheeks are present and her wrist injured. 

Asit Yadav, Morena SP told The Times of India, "We have detained the couple following her complaint. Her statement would be recorded before the magistrate." Yadav said that the girl's parents have a different version of the same story.

The girl told the police that her father had been molesting her since she was in high school and had also made an attempt to molest the girl's sisters. 

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