Coco Martin's opinion debunked by Panelo and being taught by law - GazeFeed

Coco Martin's opinion debunked by Panelo and being taught by law - GazeFeed

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo has blamed actor Coco Martin after his viral social media outburst that blamed President Rodrigo Duterte for shutting down ABS-CBN's operations.

Panelo said on his TV program that if the thinkers were doing well, the law would shut down ABS-CBN and not President Duterte.
Panelo told Coco Martin to understand the full issue before it goes away so as not to be embarrassed.

“Your statements are wrong because the President has nothing to do with it. The law is based on ABS-CBN. It needs to be equal. We have to apply the law at all times, all the time. It is not possible to spend time in law enforcement, ”said Panelo.

He also humorously criticized the ABS-CBN shutdown and insisted on the issue of press freedom.

“The ABS-CBN law shutdown. That is the long and short of it. There is no other person except the law. That is not our weak truth, and no amount of nationalizing and finger-pointing as well as emotional outburst placing the blame on any individual or entity, ”Panelo added.

The secretary emphasized that the closure of ABS-CBN was rooted in its expired franchise, so Coco Martin's disappearance was out of tune.

“Since there is no franchise, by operation of law" ex propio vigore ", meaning with full force and effect, the franchise of ABS-CBN has expired so it has stopped. It is the law that has stopped it, not President Duterte, not the NTC nor Congress, ”Panelo added.

Panelo faced opportunistic starvation in publicity because the issue was rigged and a hole used to blame the President.

"For their own selfish political agenda, the usual nasty and bitchy opportunists grabbed at what appears to be a juicy controversy and took turns in putting the blame on the President," said Panelo.

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