Bell's Palsy victim shared her horrible experience to the public - GazeFeed

Bell's Palsy victim shared her horrible experience to the public - GazeFeed

Bell's Palsy condition is a paralysis of the muscle of one side of the face that causes it to twist. The cranial nerve VII specifically strikes and swells, supporting the facial muscles.

Not only can the paralysis of the facial muscles be experienced by Bell’s Palsy but it can also cause back pain, loss of appetite and even hearing loss. The paralysis of the facial muscles is so severe that it does not prevent the blinking, blinking and movement of the eyelids. There is no control over the smile and the mouth shut.

The cause of Bell’s Palsy is unclear. But many neurologists believe it is caused by the herpes simplex virus. When the cranial nerve VII is struck, Bell Bell has palsy. Some people think it is due to exposure to the cold, over-thinking at night and so on.

Just like the story of Pamela Rollo, she shared her story on her Facebook post, and she warned everyone that they shouldn't push their body and stressing it out.

According to her, it all started when her potassium gets low and abnormal tearing of her eyes. 

"Nagsimula sa pagbaba ng dugo at pagbaba ng potassium ng katawan. Hanggang sa hindi na natural na pagluluha ng mata at hindi paggalaw ng kanang bahagi ng labi, hindi pag-pikit ng kanang mata, hindi pag-galaw ng kanang kilay at pagtabingi ng kanang pisngi," said by Pamela. 

Pamela also added that, maybe the cause of this condition are the following: sleeping with wet hair, stress, eating unhealthy foods (fastfood-chain), milktea, and sleeping while infront of fan or air-conditioner. 

"Kaya kung stress ka, sis paki-usap matulog kana. Tanghalian at hapunan fast food? Sis, umuwi kana sa bahay kana kumain. MILK TEA, yes you read right, naadik ako sa Cream Cheese, oreo, love potion, pearl milk tea at GOLDEN SUN. PUYAT? Tumaas nga rank ko sa mobile legends tumabingi naman yung pisngi ko. Nakakatamad na magpatuyo ng buhok bago matulog, I suggest, WAG KANA MALIGO. Nakatutok sa fan, hays! Paikutin mo nalang, kesa mahipan ng masamang hangin. Tumabingi din tulad sakin. Tandaan, HINDI KA MAYAMAN," emphasize by Pamela.

For now, Pamela needs to undergo therapy and proper meditation. She must need to boost her vitamin B and maintain healthy lifestyle. Eye-drops should also be maintained to avoid eye-infections and and prayers for her fast recovery. 

As of now, the post of Pamela is currently deleted for unknown reason. 

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