Apple's update its OS with feature of "exposure notification" when you have contact of COVID19 patients - GazeFeed

Apple's update its OS with feature of "exposure notification" when you have contact of COVID19 patients - GazeFeed

On Wednesday, Apple and Google cooperated on a single project on helping to slow down the spread of the global pandemic, coronavirus. The main feature of this smartphone feature will include "automatic notification" when you might have been exposed to the coronavirus. 

Different companies from different countries around the globe have spent their time in making this application possible. They've tried establishing an application that uses Bluetooth wireless technology that detects when someone who downloaded the app has spent time near another app user who later tests positive for the virus.

Governments from different country also have also tried building an app that exposes someone and notify the public which area has more number of infected individuals. But unfortunately, they encountered a lot of errors in which it resulted from failure. They commonly used GPS to track the location of those patients that tests positive of the corona virus and sends information who downloaded the app that there's someone in your location is infected. Google are banning those applications in using the GPS for some privacy and accuracy concerns in which primarily the reason of those applications failure to roll out. 

Public health agencies from Germany to the states of Alabama and South Carolina have been also waiting to use the Apple-Google model, while other governments have said the tech giants’ privacy restrictions will be a hindrance because even health workers from the public will have no access to the data.

The company's goal is not trying to replace the "contact tracing", but the company said the their goal is to "slow-down" the spread of virus. With the use of their "exposure notification" system, it will be possible by letting those individuals who haven't yet know that they have been exposed to someone who tested positive of the said virus. 

The identity of app users will be protected by encryption and anonymous identifier beacons that change frequently.

“User adoption is key to success and we believe that these strong privacy protections are also the best way to encourage use of these apps,” the companies said in a joint statement Wednesday.

However, many of the netizens and big companies also have doubts with the said software update, in which this will mainly affect the users batter consumption for using the added feature. 

Gurus from different organization and tech giants have also argued that this will lead into failure again due to similarity of the features of the first developed software. 

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