Amid COVID-19 crisis, thai actor works as GrabFood driver to sustain the needs of his family - GazeFeed

Amid COVID-19 crisis, thai actor works as GrabFood driver to sustain the needs of his family - GazeFeed

This young thai-actor managed to earn 30,000 baht in just one month or if we're going to convert it on US currency, that's approximately around 935$. Pheerawas Khunlanunthwatn is a tha-actor who went viral after netizens discovered him that he worked as GrabFood driver amid COVID. According to him, I worked here since I received a lot of orders and this is the only way I think I could supply the needs of my family. He's know  for his screen-name, "amp".

The demand of door-to-door delivery of goods especially now, amid pandemic, most customers are now in their shelters and missed their craving food. Amp took this opportunity to earn more while he's the business of acting isn't available yet for him.

He also added that while most of the riders are now refusing orders from customers who placed their request amid heavy rains, he took those orders and accept it so that he can earn more money!

Some customers of him also surprised after receiving their orders from the actor, in which with so much happy, they give a tip to the said actor.

Yes, 30,000 Baht is not the same as what he receives in the business of networks. But that amount is really helpful in sustaining the needs of his family amid crisis that we are all now facing. 

He said, he earned this amount of money because he always receives orders from the customers even what's the weather situation. 

It all started when his pilot friend invited him to work as a GrabFood driver and try this new experience or field of work. And he liked the experience and enjoys the moment of meeting random individuals on the restaurant, customers, and co-worker drivers. 

This experienced also taught him to value of money and not waste any of those blessings he may receive in the future because earning money is not really easy. Especially in the work as rider of GrabFood, in which it made him realize how terrible the experience is. 

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