Almost 30 delivery guy riders were pranked by someone who placed order to non-existing address - GazeFeed

Almost 30 delivery guy riders were pranked by someone who placed order to non-existing address - GazeFeed

Delivery guys discovered that they were pranked by someone who placed order to a non-existent address after they met on the same spot and couldn't find the address that the customer was saying. 

It seems like this becomes the new trend of the world, pranking delivery riders who's working hard just to earn money, and it's making everyone worry! 

People nowadays are now restricted to go outside in their houses, that's why we have the new online platform in which we could still eat our cravings in our comfort by placing orders through applications. 

Photo Courtesy: Thai World News

This case isn't new at all, but this becomes the worst pranked ever done to delivery riders. In Thailand, almost 30 delivery guys were pranked by random user. Imagine those almost 30 individuals doing their job well while other people's laughing and just making joke to their jobs. 

Delivery riders can be considered nowadays as front-liners, in which their duty is to go outside and risk their life amidst the global pandemic, coronavirus. The sacrifices they have given to us when they deliver our food amid the pandemic is priceless and worth to be recognized by many! 

Photo Courtesy: Thai World News

The prankster almost delivered 75+ of food that will surely go to waste after no one will going to pay for it. The person who's responsible in doing this should be in jail for making fun of those innocent riders doing their job well and they were just being pranked. 

For sure, that person has psychological problem in which he/she makes fun in doing a prank like this. 

The company's doing their best in solving this problem to avoid fake orders and silently improving their system for the verification of the customers. The step isn't yet done but for sure, sooner or later this could be a good news for every delivery riders! 

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