Adorable maternity photoshoot of pit bull went viral! - GazeFeed

Adorable maternity photoshoot of pit bull went viral! - GazeFeed

Animal control officers found this pit bull somewhere on the streets wandering and very pregnant. The officers found the name of this pit bull, Mama Pickles and immediately took an action after the found out it's going to give birth! Her owners abandoned her for the reason the they can't took care of it on her pregnancy state and the local animal shelter also lack of facilities for a pit bull in state of pregnancy. And so the owner was suggested that the pit bull needs a better place! 

Pits & Giggles rescue took care of the maternity of Mama Pickles. They carefully took care of the dog and bring out the babies into the world successfully! 

Lauren, who's responsible for taking precious shots of the rescued pit bull was being reach out by the Pits and Giggles and told by the story of this abandoned dog. Thankfully, she agreed and proud that she's the proudest photographer ever existed to capture best moments of Mama Pickles! 

Behind the scenes are the people who helped the photo-shoot possible. Everyone watched her happy and witnessed how happy Mama Pickles taking her own maternity shoot! 

After this photo-shoot, she delivered right away 8 healthy and perfect puppies successfully! Her smiles are out of this world seeing her babies healthy and being taken with care of the said responsible individuals. She seems to be happy mom after her traumatic experience in which she is being abandoned. And I guess all of you will agree to me that, this photo-shoot is really a special one! 

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