Yoda, the 4-ear mysterious cat - GazeFeed

Yoda, the 4-ear mysterious cat - GazeFeed

In our recent real life story we featured, in which a dog that has unicorn-look-like because of his one ear placed at the center of his head is so cool.

Now, we are going to talk about this cute with that seems to be pet of BATMAN. LMAO, but kidding aside, this household cat named Yoda. He was born with 4 ears and turns out that netizens are starting to love it! 

Valerie and Ted Rock (his owners) said that, "we picked him from a litter of eight week-old-kittens being handed around in a bar. And according to the vets within their locals, they are mystified upon checking the case of Yoda. 

The owners also mentioned, that the ears of Yoda aren't used to function but they really believe that it's a rare case or cause of genetic mutation. 

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