Witty traveler posted a photo of Mayon Volcano with Old 100 peso bill - GazeFeed

Witty traveler posted a photo of Mayon Volcano with Old 100 peso bill - GazeFeed

Paper bills in the Philippines features different best travel spots in the country, and one of the old bills of ours is 100 peso bill in which it features at the back our perfectly clone-shape, Mayon Volcano. 

In a daily basis, mostly, Filipinos already took this for granted. Thus, we only focus on spending it or not even appreciating the beauty of its every feature on our own bills. 

Clarence Joseph Arquillano, a traveler got a witty idea in which he took an amazing pose by featuring the back of an old 100 peso bill and matching it with the real Mayon Volcano at the back! 

It made us realise, that the view of our Mayon Volcano can also be enjoy by staring at the back of our 100 peso bill! It's just that we forgot to appreciate and focus on spending our money immediately or we just keep money on our wallets. 

"I was on our hotel balcony drinking beer and just appreciating the view when my sister asked me for the extra key card for our room. So I grabbed inside my pocket and pulled out the card along with the bills." Clarence shared, "That's when I noticed the picture of Mayon on the back of the 100-peso bill while the real one was actually right in front of my very eyes!"

"I was stunned. I've earned money before, used the money, bought things, got allowance from my parents, saved it, but I never (noticed/paid) attention to the pictures on the back of it. I never gave importance to it whatsoever," he said. "It's shameful for my part and I bet there are a lot of people who don't pay attention to small things like this, either."

And Clarence immediately get his phone and quickly took a snap by foregrounding the 100-peso bill on the Mayon Volcano! And this idea is so witty! COOL! 

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