We Still Stand Behind You President Duterte - GazeFeed

We Still Stand Behind You President Duterte - GazeFeed

Due to outbreak of the pandemic, increasing of death toll in the country, and same with number of cases infected, true colors of many people are now visible. There are individuals ranting around social media nowadays with our government's action towards fighting the pandemic disease. 

Negativity is part of Positive, we do believe that after these negativity we are currently experiencing, we shall meet the sun rise again. People who do believe by his leader will expect to meet the rise of our sun again. 

This guy, Christian Estoque Panganuron. made an effort to show tribute and support to our dear President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in fighting the global pandemic disease, COVID-19. If you are not up-to-date, people are now giving critics about our government's action. Pointing the negative part of the positive action makes the situation worse. And it's not really helping at all with what our situation right now. 

Christian Estoque Panganuron, posted on his social media account in which he flex what he did to show support in our governance. As what we can see, he made a customised kite with a "DU30" sign on it, and made it flew to the sky to show his support. 

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